How valuable are our team members? The automatic response to this question is to say “very” enthusiastically, but how many of us actually invest in our team in a way which truly values their skills and develops their value?

Is TEAM a buzz word or essential?  Why even bother? Are our teams just a drain on our time, emotions and cash … or is a team the only way to develop a high value world class business that can work without us?

We at Wiserways believe it is.

We believe that TEAM should stand for:

T  ogether

E  veryone

A  chieves

M  ore

Business owners often think that a team building day out together for a giggle and a lunch is all it takes to develop a great team culture. This outdated approach is missing the mark – by a country mile! It has been proven that long term Team Engagement scores barely flutter as a result of these ‘one off’ expensive jollies.  And as you know – a disengaged team can be staggeringly expensive or worse catastrophic.

So, what can you do to increase your team’s value to asset ratio? Well, let me start by offering a few pointers that won’t cost a penny but are likely to change your business and by doing so – your life.


Involve them in delivering a world class culture

By putting your team in the driving seat of what needs to happen to make sure they are happy in their working life – and therefore optimizing their potential for you – you need to start asking the right questions.

Listen to them

What do they need? – How can they feel respected and valued?  How do they engage with your business and grow?

Create opportunity

It’s highly likely that your team have a wealth of experience, skill and creativity just bursting to be nurtured. Create opportunities for this to be ‘let out’.

Notice them, say thank you

A simple concept, but even in this day and age, simply acknowledging your team’s hard work or their creative input will go a looooong way in ensuring you get more of the same in the future.

 Share your vision

Speak the language of your listener if you really want to be understood.  Share your vision with your team, let them share theirs with you.  Empower them to deliver on their promises to you.

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