Afternoon all

Today I heard a story from a client about how one of their managers had spent 24 hours fasting as one of her team was fasting for Ramadan

Too often we think that team building involves heading out for the day to build rafts or climb along some wires in a forest. For me it is so much more yet so much simpler than that.

To build really good teams the most important thing they can have is an understanding of each other. By this I don’t mean understanding how they do their job, I mean understanding who they really are.

Ask yourself how much you really know about the people in your team?

When you ask a team mate how their weekend was, do you actually care or are you just being polite so that they can get on with their work quicker?

We are all individuals with our own ambitions and problems that make us who we are.

When a colleague is tired on a Monday, do we assume they have been on the beers all weekend or maybe they have something else going on? If they are on the beers too much then why?

That colleague that is always quiet – do you know why? Do you know what is happening at home that may make them so quiet at work?

The employee who was fasting for Ramadan and you don’t really understand anything about it. Would you fast for 24 hours so you could understand what it’s like to work without eating and drinking between dawn and sunset?

All of us have pressures in life that we can’t just leave at the door when we walk into work.

A proper team is considerate of each other and talks to each other so they can understand each other as much as they can. By understanding each other we can be more effective at work (we might even make some new friends and make work a little more fun)

So, when you come into work on Monday, don’t just ask how someone’s weekend was for the sake of it. Try and understand them a little as well.

Matt Bull

Business Growth Specialist

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