A business coach could make all the difference!

So,  do you need a business coach? Having your own business can be a bittersweet affair, you need resilience for the hard knocks and then time to reflect on the positives and amazing wins; it can be a roller-coaster! Taking things in your stride daily can become a habit and over time you may think you know all there is to know. However, pandemics and curveballs are not expected, in-fact there are many things that can change how your target market behaves and then everyday becomes a school day! And by that we don’t mean home schooling the kids. Every business needs to fine tune itself continually and sometimes you need help with getting the headspace to do it!

Time to reflect, contemplation of growth, visualisation of goals or even a slight change in direction… well, that’s where a business coach can come in!

A business coach will help you step out of your comfort zone, reinvigorate your mindset and fast track additional education or training around your business. They help you maximise your profits, see the road ahead clearer and ultimately increase the value of your business.

However, when is it time to engage a business coach?

Let’s explore what could be a lightbulb moment!

Things to spot that tell you, you are ready to in invest in yourself as well as your business!
So, they could be:
  1. You have an idea for change, but you’re not sure how-to execute
  2. You are feeling like things sometimes get on top of you
  3. You have no one to answer to but you, so you put things off
  4. You feel lonely at times and no one to bounce ideas off who understands
  5. You are struggling to get the momentum and results you know your business could achieve
  6. You need more time and want to keep expenditure down
  7. You crave business growth but want to balance with a better home life

1) Have an idea for change, but you’re not sure how-to execute

Sometimes change is difficult, you can see the results it could bring. You have your eye on the prize, but actually, knowing how to get there, well that’s a different story. However, it is one a business coach can help you write!

They can lead you through the steps you need to navigate in order to implement a new strategy, helping you take decisive and targeted action. Whether it’s launching a new product or service, entering a new market or even restructuring and improving efficiencies, a business coach can help you move forward, and ensure that you do it right.

2)  You are feeling like things, sometimes get on top of you

Running a business, whatever the size can mean you are involved in so many of its facets, no day is the same and keeping the plates spinning can be stressful. On top of this, new challenges hit you and at the same time you are wanting to push forward with growth! Where do you start? Sometimes taking a step back or taking time to think is also at a premium, no one wants to be overwhelmed!

I spoke to a business owner recently that agreed, “Sometimes I think if I’d have known what was ahead of me, I might never have started. I feel the unknown is a blessing! There is so much to learn and do as you go, it never ends. But that makes it exciting, I’d be bored otherwise”

As we come out of lockdown and emerge from the pandemic, now more than ever we are once again having to re-evaluate how things are going to look as a business owner

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  • Do you have too much to do and can’t focus?
  • Are you concerned your profits are not where they need to be to sustain a constant flow of income?
  • Do you need help and support to move things forward?
  • Do you feel like your business is leading your behaviour and you are no longer steering the ship?

If this is you, then a business coach can help you re-focus, take back control and give you clarity.  Supported with tried and tested tools to help you leap forward. As the business management author Jim Collin’s would say “If you have more than 3 priorities, you don’t have any!”

3) You have no one to answer to but you, so then you put things off

As a business owner, drive can turn into pressure you put on yourself. Then as the business grows it puts pressure on you. As you are accountable to yourself, you may subconsciously choose to focus your efforts on just firefighting daily tasks, rather than the bigger picture.

Is that you? Has the business taken over your life where you are at times just treading water?

A lack of accountability can lead to you not reaching your goals or gaining the stretch you need. The ‘important’ to do list doesn’t get actioned and for every task you do, more gets added and when something more urgent lands, you once again focus your attentions on that. Now there is nothing wrong with working ‘in’ your business and supporting your team, however it leaves a gap… you are no longer working ‘on’ your business or driving it forward and there’s no-one making you accountable.

Again, that’s where we come in! Yep, there’s a pattern here…A business coach will keep you focussed on the prize, the goals and why you started all this, so you can also grow and lead your business to where it needs to be!

4) You feel lonely at times and no one to bounce ideas off who understands

In business, you are not there to make friends, it’s hard to trust others and being able to confide in someone is sometimes impossible. At the same time to grow, you also have to learn to let go! It’s a delicate balance and as they say, It’s lonely at the top!

Just to be able to talk your ideas through, things that are worrying you or trying to find a way forward, well we all need someone to talk to.

Business coaches are like sponges, they are there to listen and help to bounce ideas off. After all they too understand this pain, like many businesses before you and for themselves they know just what it’s like. Our team can help you realise a great idea but also help you understand which are the bad ones! What works for others may not work for you, no business is the same, but everyone goes through similar highs and lows. A business coach can help you learn from them

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5) You are struggling to get the momentum and results you know your business could achieve

So, earlier we established that you may be working in your business more than on driving it forward. Being too close to things comes with other perils! You think you know what to do to increase profit or growth, yet the new strategy you implemented whilst sorting the IT, quotes, answering calls, HR and top class customer service…. well, it’s not working?

So why not get someone on the outside to look at what’s going on with the inside, an objective yet business informed view, a safe extra pair of hands. Again…there’s a coach for that!

6) You need more time and want to keep expenditure down

Ok nothing in this life is for free, so what’s the rub? Actually, it’s not, it is a solution! Hiring a business coach means a little time investment on your part, along with a cost and there’s some effort required too. However, the rewards outweigh any investment you make emotionally, timewise and financially. You will get it back and then some! We also offer different types of coaching, it’s not one size fits all, it has to fit you.

You will however need to attend coaching sessions, events and workshops, and carry out what’s been agreed within parameters set. Running a business, a successful one, long term with features and benefits for you, requires hard work of course. That said, efforts focussed in the right places will ultimately save you time, money, stress and move you forward with returns much quicker than learning too much on the job as you go. Scatter-gun trial and error will not win the race, using strategies we know that work, however will! It’s a no brainer, an investment that has a guaranteed return.

They say money makes money, well giving us a small fee and a little time, well you will make it back several times over.

In addition, our coaches can also help with business efficiencies and savings via a cost analysis, that can be made to ensure your finances are working for you. This means, we not only help you make more money, but we can also save it for you too! Which more than offsets any coaching investment.

7) You crave business growth but want to balance with a better home life

So, is it ultimately more profit? A bigger team? More time for you to live the life you want? Is it all of these things?

Having a coach can help you set goals, ones that will evolve as you grow! You can have all the above…and more, a business coach can help you realise your vision.

A coach can help relight that fire in your belly, to help you think differently.

So how about a gifted session? What do you have to lose? You see we are already saving you money!

A business coach allows you to move forward quickly, you will be amazed at the speed things can go when you focus and use tools and advice that have guaranteed results for others. Now don’t get me wrong, you have to be in it to win it here. It’s not about dipping your toe in the water, it’s about becoming your own business champion, it’s being a leader and the entrepreneur that steers the ship…It’s about you. Our gifted discovery sessions are so we can see what it is you need and make sure you are ready for this exciting journey. Whatever style of coaching you need, a little can go a long we way. Not only this, it will also make you feel good.

Want to find out more? Then you have already jumped that first hurdle!

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