testing your leadership potential

Want to test your leadership potential to lead your business to greatness? Read more to find out how.

The importance of good leadership

Leadership is always at the forefront of any business and how they can get the most out of their employees and their business as a whole. The art of being a leader consists of motivating the group around you, whether that be colleagues or not, to work towards a common goal. As the world constantly changes, so do the aspects of leadership and it’s important to always keep this in mind, especially when it comes to business. 

‘Problems are challenges to creative minds. Without problems, there would be little reason to think at all’  Earl Nightingale 

Understanding good leadership

A good leader could be categorised as any of the following: integral, a delegator, a good communicator, self-aware, grateful, agile with learning, influential, empathetic.

Would you also say you’re a creative or reactive leader? Either would classify you as a good leader, but the world is constantly changing, so it’s vital that as a leader, you learn how these changes could affect your business and how you get the most out of change.

Becoming better at starting things or making new things is a good baseline to begin advancing in your company or to excel as a CEO. For example, it’s better to advance your products or your business as a whole than it is focusing on your competitors where you’re constantly stuck with imposter syndrome or spending more time focusing on another business rather than progressing your own.

Testing your leadership

Now it’s time to test yourself and your leadership potential and discover whether you’re a creative leader or a reactive leader and challenge how you do business. 


Creative leaders, are you always asking yourself…

What could potential customers need? Imperatively

What worries the customer?

Do we cause them any pain? 

What’s the customers ideal purchase?

How can we improve the customer experience?

How can our products be better?

Can the company be more useful?

Can the company become valuable to the customer?

If you find yourself asking these questions often, and reach outstanding solutions to further your business; test your answers against these questions that embody executive leadership…

Heavily internally driven?

Find yourself focused more on the work than the politics surrounding it?

Goal-oriented, not focused on the crisis?

Are you good at building relationships?

Do you take full advantage of your most powerful talents?

Do you set bold long-term goals?

If you’re answering yes to the majority of these questions, then it’s safe to say you’re very much a creative leader. However, It’s worth mentioning the traits of a reactive leader so that you can see where you sit within all these traits and determine how you can further your leadership and more importantly allow your business to blossom and stand out from the rest.

Reactive traits:

Motivated by money and power

Obsessed with corporate politics, not work

Revolve around their inbox

Favour their idea of good management over their strongest talents 

Plan via a one to five-year process

Believe that relationships are expendable and treat nothing as sacred.

From all of the above, could you mark yourself as the type of leader you are and how you fare with each trait? ‘ Seth Godin believes ‘Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work.’ So if the best leaders are classed as people-friendly, eager to be better for the business or the customer and never concerned about how they stand against anyone else, whether that be industry-focused or just within the business, it’s worth understanding why and how you could use this to benefit your leadership skills. 


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