Are you a good learner? If you’re a business owner and you want your business to be flexible enough to change with intense market conditions, you need to promote a positive learning environment. One of the best ways to produce these results is to lead by example.

So, ensure you’re demonstrating to your employees that you’re highly interested in learning just as much as they are. After all, learners can inspire and teach others. However, if you’re going to show your employees that you’re open to learning, you should probably discover how to be a good learner. Being a good learner ensures that you’re only passing down good things to your employees.

3 steps to success

To be a good learner, there are three steps that, if followed, will result in great learning.

  1. Showcase excitement when faced with new ideas, rather than showing you feel threatened by someone else’s input in your business. Ultimately, managers that see innovation as a threat will diminish their respect from fellow colleagues. But, if you’re dedicated to your company’s growth and success, you’ll see any change as a way to grow your business and strengthen your team.
  2. Admit your personal prejudices to others. In business, there is no room for bias. Bias, if present in your business, will suffocate it. Additionally, it can blind you when faced with good business decisions and could lead you to spend time and money on pointless concepts.
  3. Humility is key. To keep becoming a good learner, you must recognise that even the most important business knowledge is temporary. Let’s face it, today’s greatest ideas won’t be as effective tomorrow. So, by remaining humble about your business and its accomplishments, you’re more likely to build a better foundation of support that will continue to help you further down the line.

Invest in learning and the rest shall follow

To some, it may seem obvious that learning is key to a successful business. Not only does it lead to new opportunities and improve productivity, but it also helps to inspire and teach others, generally making your business stronger. If you instil the idea of learning in your business will also provide evidence to your employees that if you’re invested in learning and their development, they’ll reinvest the same amount of commitment back to your business.

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