Rather than struggling through an ordinary life, your business could reach success down to one small thought, if you truly understand it and make it a part of your life. This idea is that knowledge is a form of wealth. Just like wealth, knowledge provides dividends if it is invested. Over a long period of time these dividends compound. Eventually, these compounds can then become gargantuan. 

If you have an idea, plant it not just in your mind but also in the operations of your business. This is where it will start to grow. What may seem like an insignificant seed today will become a healthy tree in just a few years time. So, when someone gives you a valuable idea, you should be sure to do something with it immediately. Even if you’re feeling inexperienced, don’t let it change your world, put it to work and it will become more valuable over time. 

Cultivate good ideas

You should also always value good advice. Put this advice to work and cultivate it over a period of time. Then, as the months and years start to pass, compile this with other new ideas and suddenly your capacity to use brand new ideas will have grown enormously. Whatever seems hard today will actually become easy one day in the near future. For example, an idea that makes the company £500 today, may make the business £50,000 one day. This will be the same idea, but it will be much much more powerful because you will have learnt how to make your ideas more effective. Thus, your business will grow just like an oak tree.

Keep the ideas growing

So, you may be wondering how to generate new and useful ideas that will help your business, this is where your team members are helpful. Ask them. Instead of soliciting ideas remotely or abstractly, ask each member of your team two questions, ‘what are you doing that is smart for the business?’ and ‘what are you doing that’s good for the customer?’. Not every answer you get will be useful, but you may get 10 good ideas and even if one of those is good, this can make a big difference. To ensure better results, you should also ask these questions in person, by phone or by email and make sure each query is personal and demand a thoughtful reply.
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