Let’s face it integrity is adhering to the morals of life. Integrity is ensuring you do everything with honour. Ultimately, integrity is a form of honesty. In business, integrity is the glue that holds colleague relationships together. 

Filtering in integrity

If you filter integrity into the way you do business, you’ll say to others ‘I wish to pay a fair price whilst also giving for what I receive’. So, if in business you pay for something, it may make something of you and your business and then if you show that you will give in return, you’re showing that you have the integrity not to take advantage of others. This will also showcase that your business is trustworthy and doesn’t come at the cost of others.

Greedy business people will always boast about the new deal they’ve just got, how they negotiated the deal and got the price down, ultimately showing how they manipulate people to make a profit of their own. However, if you show good integrity, this is not how you will act. Integrity will allow you to shop for the greatest value, not at the expense of others.

Develop reputation

Wherever you go, develop the reputation of integrity so that you represent your business well and yourself well. Your goal should always be success in the service of others, rather than at the expense of others. At the end of your business journey, you want to be able to say that you finished the job and always kept the faith.

Once you have established integrity in your business, you should do everything you can to hold onto it. Trust takes a very long time to build with customers, however, it can be taken away in the blink of an eye. Especially in today’s digital world, being authentic is much more important in earning and maintaining your customer’s trust. Due to customers having more choice than ever, if you compromise on your integrity, you’ll soon realise how many customers will move to your competitors and be very outspoken about doing so.

Overall, if you come across a situation where someone could benefit and someone could be taken advantage of, if you’ve filtered integrity into your business correctly, you’ll always choose the response where no one is harmed, even if that means that there is no benefit to your business.

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