Looking to distance yourself from the competition? When it comes to sales, everyone is reducing prices, giving away extras and allowing prospects to erode their margins. If this sounds like you, you could be losing control of your sales process. However, there are some salespeople that are on the offensive, ahead of the game. These people are selling value to their customers rather than just price, benefits rather than features and they’re actually creating positive long term relationships with their customers. 

If you’re looking to become successful in sales, we’ve put together the key characteristics of salespeople who manage to help set themselves apart from the competition.

Passionate above all else

Good salespeople are more passionate about the opportunity to be of service, to learn and improve their status and lifestyle. Due to this, they are more passionate about their business’s products and services. They put passion into developing their sales and relationship skills. Ultimately, they’re passionate about solving the problems of their customers. Furthermore, they wish to learn everything possible about their customer’s lifestyles, likes and dislikes, as to make the purchasing process much more tailored and easy for their target audience.

Always going the extra mile

We live in a world where businesses ask a lot of their salespeople, whether that be to sell, market, service, administer, promote, solve problems and even more. So, it makes sense that these people are finding it harder to find the time to sell and learn. However, it’s the successful salespeople that promise a lot and deliver even more. To accomplish this, they need to manage their time, activities and resources with an enormous amount of precision. This is where you start to see them go the extra mile than what the customer expects. By doing extra for your customers, you communicate that you care and that their business is important to you. 


The salespeople who put distance between themselves and the competition are not the ones that find solutions to problems and sell products. The big difference is those who sell themselves as a resource to their customers. Being a resource involves being asked for advice, counsel and opinions across a number of related or even unrelated issues. Resourceful business people bring creativity and information to their customers on a regular basis.

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