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Simon Barrs – Joint Electrical Services
What was business like before ActionCOACH Loughborough membership?
  • I used to have a lot of thoughts in my head and I never wrote them down, business coaching taught me to write them down and keep a diary.
What was life like before coaching?
  • Hectic If I’m being honest. It still is because I’m one of these people, I’ve got an achievement and because I have a vision. With ActionCOACH its giving me a better understanding of my vision because I’ve written it down.
  • I’m still putting the same time and effort as I was previously but obviously there’s more structure to it.
What change has membership made to your business?
  • I now have structure and delegate instead of doing it myself all the time.
  • I spend time working the business instead of in the business.
  • I’ve decided to put the tools down.
  • I’ve got to employ people, I have employed three additional staff.

Do you think ActionCOACH membership has helped you during the pandemic?
  • Yes! I’ve put the facts and figures and written them down, to enable me to know what to do next in the business and take people on. Its given me more confidence and its helped me.
What changes have happened in your life since being a member of ActionCOACH Loughborough?
  • I’m starting to see things differently now.
  • I’m hoping from the work that not just myself did but also my wife, will allow us to create more time for us to enjoy life.
What would you say to someone who is finding business hard and they’re thinking about coaching?
  • I’ll give my honest opinion, I always say have a go if it’s not for you then move on.
  • I think in general if you’ve got a vision within your business and happy to write it down and to share it with a business coach, then I cant see any reason why it can’t be successful for you.
What is your favourite thing about being a member of ActionCOACH Loughborough and coaching?
  • The support within the business. To just have another view on that particular situation.
  • My business coach doesn’t say you shouldn’t do it like this, they just say have you looked at this way of dealing with it.



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