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Anna Barker

Lush Garden Design

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Lush Garden Design

Anna Barker – Lush Garden Design

We’re garden designers.

What was business like before ActionCOACH Loughborough Membership?
  • Business was good, I was in a very stressed place.
  • I couldn’t see the way forward really so that’s what turned me to have a try at coaching.
What was life like before coaching?
  • Very stressful.
  • Working all the time.
  • Not really feeling like I knew where I was going.
What changes has membership made to your business?
  • I feel a lot more confident, I know where I’m going with my business and things are definitely much better.

What would you say to someone who is finding business hard are they’re thinking about coaching?
  • Oh definitely think about it, speak to somebody you’re capable of much more than you think and sometimes it requires someone else to bring that out of you before you can actually see it.
  • You can get kind of stuck in a rut quite often. So definitely speak to ActionCOACH they’re worth the first conversation.
How else has ActionCOACH membership helped you?
  • I have felt more confident in my ability. There are still things I really struggle with but I have felt supported and that things are going to be fine. Whereas I had lost that earlier on.
What is your favourite thing about being a member of ActionCOACH Loughborough and coaching?
  • There’s always a lot of discussion and a lot of challenging which makes you really think about why you’re doing something, if its the right thing to do, is there a better way. It’s hard to do but it’s so worth it because otherwise you just stay the same.
  • The thing I’ve taken from it is just allowing another person’s point of view in rather than thinking you’ve got it right, there’s always a better way to do something and you have to be open to those suggestion.


Lush Garden Design
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