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What is it Like to Have a Work-Life Balance When Running a Small Business?

The most valuable thing I got from working with ActionCOACH is I am now a business owner, whereas I wasn’t before. I was just running a business. Fiona Bates, managing director of The Printers

Fiona was working long hours including the weekend in order to run the day to day operations of the printing business. Within the first few months of working with ActionCOACH, Fiona was able to see results making the business process far easier. If it wasn’t for ActionCOACH, the business would not have grown over the recent years.

Action Coach Matt Bull was able to coach Fiona and the business enabling it to grow. Their success after working with ActionCOACH has seen:

✔ 120% Net profit increase

✔ 20% Turnover increase

✔ Feeling great about the business

Learn how to increase profits and drive your business forward:

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