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Laurence Duncan

Founder and Business Coach

Laurence’s approach:

Calm, effective, supportive, collaborative. I know what it’s like to win in business but I also know what it’s like to fail. Subsequently, this has given me a great insight into the highs and lows of running your own business. Together we can utilise 23 years of accumulated ActionCOACH knowledge and experience to turn your business into the commercially sound and profitable enterprise it was meant to be.

Laurence’s mission as a Business Coach:
With the right tools, the right attitude and an open mind you can get the results you want and build a long-lasting, profitable and sustainable business. As with any good coach, I will have high expectations of you and hold you to account. In return, you can expect the same level of commitment from me.

Matt Bull

MD and Business Coach

Matt’s approach:

I help you decide what your success looks like and what you need to do to get it. Then, I coach, educate and motivate you and your employees to achieve it. I love life and love helping people succeed. Success is not easily achieved but I am all for making the journey fun.

Matt’s mission as a Business Coach:
Every business is different with each needing an innovative and bespoke toolkit for business success. I have a vision of a world where every business can enjoy sustained growth, supported by an engaged workforce. The combination of my experience and approach will grant you the opportunity to achieve the success you want.

Steve Nugent

Finance Coach

Steve’s Approach:

I combine two successful decades in business management, commercial operations, financial control, strategic planning and business improvement with a world class coaching approach to help your business succeed. This means you get to live the life you want.

I bring out the best in you, stretch you and direct you in what needs to be done and who you need to become to make your business work harder so you don’t have to.
My experience in advising and running under-performing SMEs coupled with my successful corporate career across multiple industries, means that you get a coach who has got the T-Shirt and knows what Good looks like.

My areas of specialism:
Financial Management and Control
Strategy Formulation
Business & People Leadership
Category Management
Pricing Excellence
Procurement and Supplier Negotiation
Product and Digital Marketing
Project Management
Process and Systems Optimisation
Customer Insights & Analysis

I have experience working in the following industries:
Wholesale & Distribution

Everything I do is built around my 5 core values of:

Kerry Malster

Business Coach

Kerry’s approach:

You will benefit from my vast experience leading managers to motivate their non-performing teams, increasing productivity and improving processes. Having ran high growth businesses, I’ve been the change lead, to help transform companies into sustained profitable organisations. As an MA qualified educator and a successful coach, I bring a wealth of proven experience spanning over 30 years in many sectors; from senior management, customer service and team building through to sales and marketing.  I look forward to sharing my knowledge and passion for lifelong learning with you to help set and achieve your goals.

Kerry’s mission as a Business Coach:

Throughout my experience, I am yet to come across a single business leader or owner who does not struggle with time, team or money issues in their personal or business life. I work with business leaders and owners in the following areas, using a proven methodology that has worked for tens of thousands of businesses across the world:

Creating clarity on what the business looks like in the near and long term.
Developing systems, processes and ways for a business owner to work fewer hours.
Building a stronger and more reliable team to run the business.
 ✓ Driving profitability through 283 proven strategies.

✓ …and celebrating success together!

Julie Hayes

Head of Client Experience

Julie’s approach:

I understand the importance of results and adding to someone’s bottom line through effective marketing and good processes. I build great client relationships delivered on trust and ensure an optimal customer journey is at the heart of what I do. I am a solutions provider and change lead. I look to create and exploit opportunities that others don’t. Having run my own successful businesses for over 12 years means I not only bring strong marketing knowledge to the WiserWays team but a thorough understanding of the pain and joy that running a business can bring. From sorting IT issues to running a team, hiring new people, all the way down to the year-end accounts and winning new clients! I’ve worked with and lead on projects for brands such as Whitbread, Tesco Telecoms, 3M Healthcare and Thornton’s Chocolates.

Julie’s mission working with the coaching team:

Delivered with a smile, I’m here to support all the great work the coaches do to make every business owner shine, deliver results and achieve their goals. As your business grows with our support, we’ll grow with you. Not only will I be helping the team behind the scenes, but I am also your daily point of contact should you need anything.