Whether you’re looking to develop your career and step into a supervising role, or maybe your business is looking to hire a supervisor. We’ve broken the role down into 3 main characteristics that you should either take on or look for in a potential new employee for a role of this stature. 


An excellent supervisor is also a great coach. A supervisor should always be coaching employees first and foremost. Coaching requires helping employees to establish their goals, action plans and timelines. Furthermore, a supervisor should delegate and provide ongoing guidance and support to employees as they execute their action plans. Supervisors should also be able to take into account other aspects of the employee’s life, to take into consideration when creating job goals. This includes time available for training, career preferences and personal strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, a supervisor walks the fine line between supervising and being a confidant to employees.

2. The organisation’s advocate

Usually, the supervisor is one of the first people to tell employees about any new policies or programmes that have been put in place by management. When things change in the workplace, there is often confusion and frustration that the supervisor is expected to dissolve by further clarification and support. So, in a world that is changing as rapidly as it is today, this can be a huge challenge for supervisors, which is why a supervisor needs to be authentic, yet tactful.

3. The employee’s advocate

Finally, supervisors are often responsible for representing any employee requests to management, as well as representing the employee’s case for a reward if they feel it’s deserving. So, if an employee is deserving of a promotion, the leader will be the person justifying the case to their superior. Additionally, if the employee has a personal situation that requires special attention, the supervisor will need to explain this clearly to management and suggest the best way to handle it. Thus, it’s not unusual for employees to see their supervisor as a member of management whilst also seeing them as a friend too.


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