Let’s be honest, it seems much easier to rest where you are in life than push yourself to the next level. However, complacency tends to lead to mediocrity which will likely end in disaster. If this is true, how are you supposed to stay responsive, resourceful, and recharged in the competitive business world?

Self-indulgence vs Self-discipline

We have put together some tactics, that if you implement, will be sure to make a difference:

  • You should try to practice self-discipline rather than self-indulgence: Self-indulgence usually means thinking about how you feel at that exact moment, then deciding when to take action and worrying about the consequences after. On the other hand, self-discipline allows you to think about consequences first and then take appropriate action.

For example, Self-discipline = think about consequences = take action = feel great!

Self-indulgence = think feelings = take action = suffer consequences

As a business owner, you should always be thinking about the difference you make in people’s lives. So, the real measure of your success is just that. Be sure to position and promote yourself as someone who can make a difference and you’ll reach many more people.

Avoid negative self-talk

Resisting the temptation to tell yourself all of the things you’re doing wrong and all of the things you need to improve can be hard, but is necessary. Instead, try to listen to one motivational or inspirational message each week. Without recharging yourself, how are you going to charge others? You must realise that renewing yourself is the only way you can then go on to renew others.

Top tip: Read books by successful people to develop your logic and understanding, as well as your verbal skills to expose you to new ideas and build your business and relationships further.

Long-term vision

Going forward, you should focus on your long-term vision rather than your short-term circumstances. Always take the time to review your goals weekly so that you remain focused on the long-term. If you focus on creating the future, you won’t be taking up valuable time mourning the past. Finally, manage yourself wisely. Be sure to recharge and renew and put in enough effort to get your business where you want it to be!

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