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James Pegg – Solid Point

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Solid Point

James Pegg – SolidPoint

We measure buildings, land, statues and structures using high-end tech drones, laser scanners etc.

What was business like before ActionCOACH Loughborough membership?

  • Stressful!
  • I was working probably 18 90 hour weeks
  • Working weekends, working nights.
  • Very Stressed and unstructured.
  • I was working in the business rather then on it.
  • I pretty much had two jobs.

What was life like before ActionCOACH Loughborough membership?

  • What life?!? I was working every hour I could find.

What changes has membership made to your business?

  • The biggest thing for me is getting me to read, the first thing matt did was get me to read a book.
  • I’m working in the business four or five hours a week maximum and on the business 20 hours.
  • Everything’s running smooth clients are loving it.


What would you say to someone who is finding business hard and they’re thinking about coaching?

  • Get a good coach! I went through a few.
  • So the first thing is you need a coach.
  • If you find business hard get a coach, because despite what you think you know you realize quickly you don’t know very much at all, despite how confident I generally am I realize that.
  • So you kind of get in and again when you start reading you learn that you know very little.
  • So firstly get on board with getting a coach and then meet a few and find people you click with. So for example I’m quite a creative visionary kind of type.
  • Laurence basically paired me with matt who’s very much structure, loves his numbers.
  • So matt complements the knowledge that I didn’t have.
  • If I had gone with Laurence who is a very good visionary himself, we’d have just sat talking the whole session
  • You’ve got to like them and got to trust them them as well. so pick someone you’re definitely going to get on with.

What is your favourite thing about coaching?

  • Weirdly just a sound board I think.
  • So if I’m struggling with anything in the business, it might be an employee’s been off which is fairly regular, it might be that your thinking about hiring someone or do you keep this client on board or not.
  • Just running the issues your having through your coach.



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