Does your business performance need improvement? You may want to start this process by exploring where the source of leadership is in your business. Here at ActionCOACH, we have found many instances where a business’ leadership direction is unclear and misunderstood by the entirety of the team. In 2019, 77% of corporations experienced leadership gaps, so here we can see how common these issues are. Ultimately, leadership is about painting a current picture of the future of the business, as a vision.

Great leadership can be easily identified as the ability to create a vision that can be shared with the rest of the team. Leadership is also a powerful creative tool when it is adopted by business owners.

Using leadership to encourage success

To succeed in business, the owner must paint the ideal picture and be willing to share this with the rest of their team. If this method is carried out correctly, success stories will evolve. So the question you need to answer is ‘Who is driving your business?’.

If you’re a medium-sized business owner, you will find yourself being challenged when the future direction becomes unclear because of continuous changes occurring in the marketplace. Sadly, the speed of change is generated by the technological age we’re living in. Service quality is increasingly demanded by customers of today as you’re already meeting the demands of yesterday. Thus, the need to deliver a product or service that is miles better today than yesterday will continue to challenge the visions of the leader in your company.

If you’ve noticed that you have low team morale, absenteeism and resignations in your business, this may be a sign that the leadership has become engulfed and is in need of repair. This is where business coaches are encountering more and more business owners who seek the necessary help to refocus and reignite the vision for the success of their company.

If the leadership in your business needs refocusing, speak to ActionCOACH today!