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Dipun Ghandi

Manufactures of Culture * Design

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Manufactures of Culture * Design

Dipun Ghandi – Manufactures of Culture by Design

Architectural designers.

What was business and life like before ActionCOACH Loughborough membership?
  • Tough, very busy, hectic and stressful.
What changes has membership made to your business?
  • I think a lot of learning about how business’s should be planned, how they should be run and the systems and strategies that need to be in place to try and be successful.
What is your favourite thing about being a member of ActionCOACH Loughborough and coaching?
  • I think having someone with you in support, someone who knows what business really means. I think the support is invaluable.
What changes have happened in your life since being a member of ActionCOACH Loughborough?
  • More recently I’ve had more time to start planning life both personally and professionally.
What would you say to someone who is finding business hard and they’re thinking about coaching?
  • Definitely get a coach! I think business is something that we don’t all get educated on. I think its a real education, that can only support and help someone’s business.


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