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Sue Leadbeater – SL Family Law

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SL Family Law

Sue Leadbeater – SL Family Law

I’m a family law specialist helping people at the start and end of relationships.

What was business like before ActionCOACH Loughborough membership?
  • A little bit chaotic, I lacked a plan and I needed some direction.
  • I felt like things were a little bit all over the place.
What was life like before coaching?
  • I lacked time I think and probably a little bit more chaotic with how I utilized my time.
What change has membership made to your business?
  • I’ve now got a lot more direction and clarity because I have a default planner to schedule what I do and when, which means I structure what I do on a daily basis.
What changes have happened in your life since being a member of ActionCOACH Loughborough?
  • I’ve gained loads more confidence and I now push myself and do things that I wouldn’t necessarily otherwise do.

What would you say to someone who is finding business hard and they’re thinking about coaching?
  • Give it a go! I started out having a trial session and got value from that. I know most of the coaches offer half an hour sessions. so just see what its like and have a chat about you and your business.
  • It also wasn’t a hard sell at all, it was just giving me the tools to help me and I think that people should have that taster session, and see what it is.
  • It isn’t necessarily going to be for everybody but I think most people would get something out of it if they just gave it a try.
What is your favourite thing about being a member of ActionCOACH Loughborough and coaching?
  • Being challenged about what I’m doing, particularly negative thoughts. They challenge the negative and turn it round to a positive.
How did you find out about ActionCOACH Loughborough?
  • I met Kerry at networking in The Hive at Grantham and just started talking to her about what was happening to me and the business. It went from there!
How else has ActionCOACH membership helped you?
  • I’m better at managing my time.
  • I have more structure in the business.
  • My mindset is more positive.
  • I have more spare time and enjoy myself more!

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